Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Will my recycled-silk wrap-skirt look like the photo?

A. Patchwork silk skirts (styles DN19, DN20, DN204 and PW121) that are labeled as assorted will NOT look exactly like the photo but will look similar. The photo is just an example. The exceptions to this are the Magic Skirts (MS01 and MS02) and the ribbon-accented skirt PW832 which are exactly as shown,


Q. How can I wash my recycled-silk item?

A. All Jedzebel silk blend items can be washed quickly and easily. Simply fill a sink with cold water and a small amount of mild (eco-friendly if possible) laundry detergent and swish the item around for a few minutes. Rinse with fresh cold water and simply hang or lay on a towel to dry.


Q. How can I tell the size of my garment?  Do you have any sizing tips?

A. We don’t use traditional, numbered sizing as we work with dozens of small tailoring groups in multiple countries.  Also, almost all of our clothing is hand-made in small batches.   Here are some sizing tips: Our one-size-fits-most line of dresses should fit junior sizes small through large. Our line of cotton prints (dresses, tops, skirts and pants) run juniors S-L. The organic cotton line (EcoGirl) comes in either XS-L or S-XL depending on the item (dresses, tops, skirts and pants), and it actually runs bigger than our Jedzebel lines typically. The EcoGirl line is closer to “missy” sizing than “junior”. And if an EcoGirl item comes in XS, then it ran particularly big. The line of recycled sari-silk items from India, each of which is a one-of-a-kind piece, are one-size-fits most (dresses, tops, skirts and pants) and again should be fitting junior sizes small through large.