Long Magic Skirt Silk Sari Wrap Skirt (choose your color) | MS01 | Jedzebel

I just got my skirt! I love it!! I feel so feminine and pretty. It flows just wonderfully. Thank you! I will be ordering again! Shipping was very fast even with Christmas! I am glad I ordered the long because I think the 3/4 would have been too short. I am older and like to cover my legs. It is just beautiful. I am a seamstress and the sewing is done very well. Good quality.

— Long Magic Skirt Review,  12/27/2013



Long Magic Skirt Silk Sari Wrap Skirt (choose your color) | MS01 | Jedzebel

I love my long wrap around silk skirt! The colors and patterns are beautiful and it is so flowing and graceful….very fun to dance in!

— Long Magic Skirt Review, 2/5/2014



3/4 Magic Skirt Silk Sari Wrap Skirt (choose your color) | MS02 | Jedzebel

I love taking this skirt when I travel because I can stow it in my daypack, & have it ready to wear when entering churches & Holy places around the world. Never wrinkles; washes overnight; colors go with everything! I would love it if this same silk would be made into a relaxed T-shirt to wear with pants & skirts. A few silk T’s & this skirt would make the perfect travel wardrobe!

— 3/4 Length Magic Skirt Review, 10/7/2014



Silk Layer Patchwork Skirt | DN204 | Jedzebel

Just perfect. I love theses skirts. Comfortable even when you gain a few pounds. Can be dressed up or down. I’m now collecting several different colors and patterns … Watch out, they are addictive!!!

— DN204 Patchwork Skirt Review, 10/20/2014



Patchwork Skirt [Premium Selection] | PW832 | Jedzebel

I absolutely LOVE this skirt. It’s beautiful and I get so many compliments every time I wear it. Because it’s a patchwork, I can wear a number of color tops and still match. It wraps around and the smaller your waist is, the more it overlaps. My waist is 38 inches and it overlaps about 6 or 7 inches. I like to wear a longer skirt underneath it for an extra layer and it’s just gorgeous. This was my fourth skirt from this company and I just love them. The length is a couple of inches above the ankle, but I’m tall at 5’9”.

— PW832 Patchwork Satin Skirt Review, 2/16/2015



Cotton Stretch Two-Tone Dress | MA301 | Jedzebel

This dress is flattering and lovely especially if you have hips and a thinner waist. Love this one!

— MA301 Stretch Cotton Dress Review, 5/25/2015



Corduroy Knit Mini Skirt w/ Adjustable Snaps | NP10 | Jedzebel

I can’t say enough about how well-made this skirt is. It feel so sturdy and is so comfortable. Everyone who’s seen it loves it and I’ve since bought one as a Christmas gift. This is my “find of 2014”

— NP10 Corduroy Skirt Review, 11/24/2014



Organic Cotton San Francisco Pant | EG43 | EcoGirl

These pants are amazing! Soft and so cute!!! I normally wear a small or x-small! The small in these fits really good! Not too tight-but not loose either. The organic cotton is sooo soft! Worth the money!

— EG43 Organic Cotton Ruffle Pant Review, 7/24/2012



Topanga Pant | EG42 | EcoGirl

rec’d my topanga pants I ordered two, one in black and one in wine. They are very comfortable and soft, my only disappointment was the thickness, they were actually thinner than I had anticipated. I wanted them to travel to Scotland and Ireland this month but not sure how warm they will be. Called to get the proper sizing and they fit perfectly. Otherwise I will use them for other purposes, so recommend them.

— EG42 Organic Cotton Topanga Pant Review, 4/2/2013



Monterey Organic Cotton Skirt | EG07 | EcoGirl

My favorite skirt. When I decide on what to wear in the morning I always want to wear one of these skirts. I have two and think I’ll order another one.

— EG07 Organic Cotton Skirt Review, 7/22/2012



Organic Cotton Knee Length Skirt | EG308 | EcoGirl

Love the skirt……organic cotton..feels so good…wear it all the time!

— EG308 Organic Cotton Skirt Review, 7/27/2013



Pack and Travel Ribbon Crusher Hat, 5″ brim, UPF 50+ | HS358 | hat.a.girl

Love this hat, I was waiting for the 1st on to wear ou after 6 yrs, it never did so I just went ahead and got another one!

— HS358 Ribbon Hat Review, 4/10/2015



Ribbon Crusher Hat, 4″ brim, UPF 50+ | NH53 | hat.a.girl

I bought one of these in black and it suits me so well (washable, yet!) that I’m buying one in brown. Now if you had them in navy blue, I’d be in hawg heaven.

— NH53 Ribbon Hat Review, 4/22/2015



Ribbon Crusher Hat; 6″ wire brim; UPF 50+ | HS357 | hat.a.girl

I got this hat because my current sun hat was only a 5″ brim. It’s perfect! Crushable (I can fold it into a backpack or purse) and easily bent back into shape. I’ll probably order another one in black 🙂

— HS357 Ribbon Hat Review, 5/23/2013



Pack and Travel Ribbon Crusher Hat, 5″ brim | HS358 | hat.a.girl

With its extra wide brim, this hat gives me the sun protection I want. It looks great too!

— HS358 Ribbon Hat Review, 8/30/2012